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Saturday, December 6, 2014

lotd (lunch of the day)

     Following a week of regular junk food consumption (this week it was chocolate chip muffins from the Wholefoods-esque grocery store in our community...curse those sugar laden treats!), I often use the weekend as a time to reset and detox. My weekend fare typically consists of lots of greens, minimal carbs and nutrient abundant fruits.

     For lunch today I munched on a bed of greens doused in a homemade oil-free vinaigrette and topped with matchstick apples, plump raspberries and crushed pecans (I promise they're in there! They were being a little camera shy!). To supplement the salad, I prepared a plate of turkey rollups, Almond & Apricot Rock Creek Crisps and a thinly sliced apple.

{After capturing this shot, I proceeded to drizzle a mixture of raw honey and ground cinnamon over my apples. Delish! You could also throw a dash of coarsely ground sea salt on the apples if you're craving something sweet and salty. // I can't get enough of these Rock Creek Crisps by Kii Naturals! The flavor is muted with an occasional burst of sweetness, making them the perfect vehicle for cheese and fruit spreads. Today I ate them plain, but I typically top them with fig jam and goat cheese. SO GOOD! I purchased a box from Whole Foods a couple months back, so I'm not sure if they still carry the brand ... I'll have to investigate soon as I'm currently running low.}

{The aforementioned vinaigrette was a mixture of an artisan red apple balsamic vinegar (what a mouthful!) and Dijon mustard. Simply whisk equal parts vinegar and mustard to create a sweet, yet robust dressing. Bonus: It's non-fat!}

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