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Monday, December 1, 2014

my Christmas list: an excerpt from Artamene

If we're being honest, all I want for Christmas is a little more than my two front teeth...


{polka-dotted pants: Vineyard Vines, running sweats: J. Crew, tunic: Free People, dress: Madewell, skirt: Vineyard Vines}

...and if we're being especially honest, this is not a comprehensive list. Want to see more? Mosey on over to my Pinterest (shameless self promotion), there you'll find my encyclopedic Christmas wish list.

Before you start castigating me for my grand desires, understand that I BY NO MEANS expect to wake up to boxes upon boxes under the tree. I mean, hey, if my parents happened to forget to buy me a pony, I probably wouldn't be that distraught...

Merry December, everyone!

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