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101 in 1001

Start date: 11/28/2014
End date: 

1. Found a charity.
2. Begin to volunteer regularly. 
3. Go to a concert.
4. Attend Electric Forest.
5. Unplug for a full 24 hours during the school year.
6. Become fluent in InDesign/Photoshop.
7. Be named Editor in Chief of the paper (Fingers crossed I can make this happen!).
8. Try 10 new restaurants in the area.
9. Begin eating healthier. Shoot for at least 28 healthy days a month.
10. Work out at least 3 times a week.
11. Establish a training regime for Odyssey.
12. Complete Odyssey without walking a single hill.
13. Read a minimum of 15 books.
14. Have my mom teach me how to sew.
15. Rush a sorority.
16. Learn to cost estimate.
17. Obtain a six pack (note: obtain and maintain are two very different things).
18. Begin blogging on a bi-weekly basis.
19. Go skinny dipping.
20. Take a road trip with friends.
21. Drive on the freeway alone.
22. Move up from crew to skipper in Thistle races.
23. Race in my uncle's Snipe.
24. Collect my favorite recipes and organize them into a cookbook for college.
25. Complete a Pinterest DIY.
26. Go camping with a friend.
27. Take Gabi on a Lakeshore cruise.
28. Eat no more than the recommended daily amount of sugar for 2 weeks.
29. Go to the drive in.
30. Experiment with vegetarianism and veganism in college.
31. Wear well thought out outfits for a full week (aka no boring tee + jeans combos).
32. Put aside $10 for every item completed from this list.
33. Go hiking.
34. Own an expensive piece of jewelry.
35. Save up all year and splurge on my annual birthday shopping spree.
36. Get a mani-pedi with my gal pals.
37. Buy a proper fitting bra.
38. Craft with my grandma.
39. Go to a derby.
40. Invest in a pair of expensive riding boots. (Coach ___)
41. Own a piece by Tory Burch (she is my queen).
42. Buy a cute pair of booties.
43. Buy a pair of Madewell d'Orsay flats.
44. Catch up on current events every day for a month.
45. Tour William & Mary.
46. Buy an art therapy book.
47. Take golf lessons.
48. Buy a DVF Wrap Dress.
49. Go skiing at least 5 times this winter.
50. Treat my parents to something special.
51. Go to an afternoon tea.
52. Have brunch with a buddy.
53. Wear my retainer every night for a year straight.
54. Go an entire month without butting heads with a friend or family member.
55. Go a full 21 days without something I'm "addicted" to (it takes 21 days to make or break a habit!).
56. Organize my music into playlists.
57. Travel as an unaccompanied minor.
58. Learn to style and photograph food.
59. Purchase a DSLR of my own.
60. Order a dish I wouldn't typically consider from my go-to restaurant.
61. Go a week without complaining.
62. Send a very belated nifty gift to Shannon.
63. Exchange snail mail with my camp friends. 
64. Sell a handmade good.
65. Drive a Wrangler (even just posing in one would satisfy me).
66. See Wicked live.
67. Make tentative plans for my bike ride across the USA.
68. Take a friend for a serious bike ride.
69. Find a self tanner that doesn't make me look like a Dorito.
70. Be featured on the Vineyard Vines Insta. 
71. Shop the Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sale.
72. Start wearing sunscreen everyday spent in the summer sun (so every single day).
73. Finish a workout program start to finish.
74. Take a yoga class.
75. Re-learn CPR.
76. Work as an LIT the summer between my senior year of high school and freshman year of college.
77. Senior sweep! Senior sweep!
78. Earn another first place award at MIPA.
79. Have my teeth whitened. 
80. Make a name for myself in the blogging community (move aside, Sarah Vickers).
81. Purchase a domain for my blog.
82. Polish off my excessive collection of lotion and restock only as needed.
83. Donate the things that are collecting dust in my room and closet.
84. Try aerial yoga.
85. Convince Gabi to go rock climbing again.
86. Keep my room clean for a full month.
87. Make my bed every morning for a month.
88. Find art for my room.
89. Finish writing this list (I'm running out of things I'd like to accomplish!).
90. Earn a steady income.
91. Wake up at 5 a.m. for a month.
92. Graduate with a 4.0 (so far, so good!).
93. Get my 5 servings of fruits and veggies everyday for at least a month.
94. Order escargot.

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